Intach Pune Chapter brings to you various innovative Heritage Walks and Heritage Craft Workshops. Intach offers different walks for adults and children. Following are some of the events conducted over the last few years:

  • 1. Crafts and Culture Workshops:
  •   Discover Pune 10th edition: (
    • Craft Workshops – Tambat Craft – Copper Workshop
      Kumbhar Craft – Terracotta Pot Making
      Dagina Making – Jewellery Making
      Khann Workshop – Products in the traditional textile Khann
      Painting Competition for School Children titled – ‘My Living Icon’
      Venue – Vishrambaug Wada
  •   Tambat Aali Walk and Workshop (Coppercraft): (
    • A four hundred year old craft know for its unique ‘mathar-kaam’, the Tambat craft requires a lot of skill and hard work. Traditionally copper objects were used as kitchen utensils, drinking water and grain storages, water heaters and prayer objects. This workshop lets one try their hand at this age old craft under the guidance of master craftsmen from the City.
  •   Terracotta Workshop for the Visually Impaired: (
    • An endeavor to make Heritage equally accessible to all. A workshop conducted as part of the skills learning session for the visually impaired. An insight into the traditional world of the Kumbhars with this Terracotta Workshop.
  •   Burud Aali Walk and Bamboo Workshop: (
    • A walk through the Burud Aali into the world of the Burud community, traditional basket and mat weavers, recognized by their traditional occupation of Bamboo Craft and a workshop at the Mahatma Phule Mandai Hall to learn the craft teqniques from a traditional craftsman.
  •   Warsaa Khann Workshop: (
    • Traditionally an integral part of daily wear for women from Maharashtra and Karnataka, the Khann is a hand woven fabric made from cotton and silk. The material was used to make cholis, blouses and skirts for girls. Intricate weaving patterns with contrasting geometric borders form the identity of the material.The workshop which will introduce you to the history of this traditional material and allows one to play around with the possible contemporary uses of the material.
  •   Tribal Mask Making Workshop: (
    • A tribal festival called Bohada is celebrated every year during Holi, for which around 54 masks of various Deities, Spirits & Demons are made, worn and displayed. Learn this unique mask making craft with an expert mask maker from the Warli tribe.
  •   Ganjifa Workshop: (
    • Ganjifa, an ancient card game that originated in Persia and made popular in India by the Mughals, sports unique cards that are works of art themselves. Get a taste of the Ganjifa art expert craftsmen from Sawantwadi at this workshop.
  •   Dagina Workshop (Jewellery): (
    • Explore the world of the traditional Maharashtrian Sari, Naath, Saaj, Chinchapeti, Thushi and the likes. Get to know the history of Maharashtrian jewelry and a demonstrationin various techniques and processes from traditional karigars.
  •   Paithani Workshop: (
    • Paithani, popular for it’s unique art and tradition is the carrier of a legacy for over 2000 years. Get to know about the making of Paithanis, the various motifs, their significance at this informative session.
  •   Ajanta Tales: (
    • A journey through Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Aurangabad. Get an insight into the art and architecture of these sites and listen to intersting stories behind these rock- cut wonders. Includes an interesting session on Jataka Katha.
  •   Laxmi Narayan Chivda Factory Visit and Demonstration: (
    • Ever wondered the story behind the making Pune’s beloved Laxmi Narayan Chivda? Here is your chance - very rare visit to the Laximi Narayan Chivda Factory and seeing all the action happen firsthand. An insight into the history of the chivda and a demonstration of all the making process.
  •   Saree Tradition of The Deccan: (
    • An insight into the silksaree tradition of the Deccan region, discussing the various saree styles, identifying a particular style, motifs and types of silks.
  •   Heritage Photography Workshop: (
    • Learn to capture Heritage Sites, specific elements, issence of the structure in a Heritage Walk with renowed City-based Heritage Photographers.
  •   Discover Pune 11th edition: (
    • Craft Workshops – Burud Craft – Bamboo Workshop
      Tribal Painting Workshop with a tribal artist
      Painting Competition for School Children titled – ‘Pune’s Icon’
      Venue – Omkareshwar Temple

  • 2. Built Heritage Walks and Drives:
  •   Core Pune City – Kasba Peth Walk: (
    • This is a walk through the by-lanes of Kasba Peth, the core City. The walk takes one through old Wadas, Crafts Precincts and Public and Religious Buildings, including the Kasba Ganapati Mandir and the Pune’s own iconic Shaniwar Wada.
  •   Heritage Walk through the Mandai Precinct: (
    • A walk through the Mahatma Phule Mandai Precinct including old markets, bamboo crafts, the Tulshibaug Ram Mandir Complex and the Vishrambaug Wada.
  •   Kasba Peth to Somwar Peth – Nageshwar Precinct Walk: (Read more..)
    • A walk through the different communities of Kasba Peth through Somwar Peth, lined with various religious structures belonging to various cultures. The stretch from Trishundya Ganapati to famous Nageshwar temple is dotted with number of shrines making it a truly religious precinct of Pune. The walk also includes the Brother Deshpande Church and the Dhakta Sheikh Sallah Dargah.
  •   Budhwar Peth Walk: (
    • A walk through the commercial precinct of Budhwar Peth. The area boasts many Temples, unique Wadas, Talims and Heritage Shops. Also a notable structure included in the walk is the Prathana Samaj – Hari Mandir.
  •   Nadi Kathache Pune – River Side Pune: (
    • Explore the River-side of Pune, walking along side ghats, religious structures, samadhis, and other interesting stuctures. Get to know interesting stories about the river- side culture in this walk.
  •   Cave Architecture: Pataleshwar Caves Visit: (
    • Did you know that there are more than 1,500 know Rock-Cut structures in India? Get an insight into the Rock-Cut Architecture of India at this talk at the 8th Century Pataleshwar Caves in the heart of our very own Pune City.
  •   Heritage Shopping Walk: (
    • A walk through the old shopping alleys of Pune that takes one through various shops displaying heritage products, traditional crafts, textiles, jewelery and food.
  •   Museum Walk: (
    • The impressive Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is a collection of 21,000 priceless artifacts recalling the historic Indian culture and traditions. Creations in stone, wood, metal, ivory, fabric and clay that endure as the full realization of human craftsmanship. Walk through the various galleries of the museum with a expert guide who will give an insight into Heritage Appreciation with priceless artefactsof yesteryears.
  •   Talim Walk: (
    • In Pune’s history, the Maratha state was probably unique in the active encouragement it gave to the culture of physical fitness. The veneration of physical strength (balopasana) as state policy goes back to the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This unique heritage walk takes one into the world of Talims and other related historical structures. The walk is followed by a Talim display at Maharashtra Mandal.
  •   Pune Wada Walk: (
    • A walk through the courtyard houses of Pune boasting elements from various eras through history.
  •   Sights of the Festive Season: (
    • A walk during Diwali from Laxmi Road to the Mandai precinct to soak in the festive atmosphere of the old city. One sees the traditional crafts persons displaying their Diwali Delights and also includes a visit to a few heritage sites on the way.
  •   Food Trail Through the Old City: (
    • A food walk to heritagesnack and thali joints in the Old Pune City. Savour delicacies like Misal Pav, Wada Pav, Pohe, Thalipeeth and such and to top it off refreshers like kokum sarbat and sol kadhi.
  •   Pune Cantonment Walk: (
    • Culturally always different, the Cantonment had a completely cosmopolitan population in contrast to the older part of the City. The “Camp” was and is a melting pot of cultures teaching everyone to live together amicably. This trail takes one through Churches, Markets, Offices and the likes.
  •   East Pune Architectural Walk: (
    • An Architectural journey through the Colonial East Pune. An insight into the various Styles of Architecture popular during the British Era and identifying the elements of a particular style.
  •   Christmas Walk: (
    • The Cantonment becomes more cheerful during Christmas. Soak in the Christmas atmosphere with visits to Festive Streets, Churches, Cake and Chocolate outlets.
  •   Aga Khan Palace Walk: (
    • An Architectural Tour of the Aga Khan Palace Structure and a visit to the Gandhi and Kasturba Museums with insights from the Museum Curator. One also enjoys the vast gardens of the complex with its array of Banayan Trees.
  •   Deccan College Walk and Museum Visit: (
    • A walk through the thrid oldest institution in India. Take in the Gothic Architecture of the structure followed by visits to the Maratha History Museum and the Archaeology Museum. The Museum boasta displays from Prehistoric to Medieval times through various galleries of the Stone Age, Sculpture, Epigraphy and Numismatics and the likes.
  •   Pune Cantonment Food Trail: (
    • FromIrani Cafes offering bun-maska chai, to local made Soda Drinks, to Exotic Chocolates, this trail will take one through the multicultural culinary delights the Cantonment has to offer.
  •   Pune Heritage Drive: (
    • A drive through various Heritage Sites of Pune, including the Aga Khan Palace, Shinde Chatri, Old City, Pataleshwar Caves and Pune University. The half day drive ends with a traditional thali lunch at a heritage food joint. The drive can be custumized to include places from the old city and/ or the cantonment areas to suit time constraints.
  •   Revolutionary Pune: (
    • A visit to various Freedom Struggle related places and associations with Freedom fighters from Pune. This trail was started in 2003 as a part of Std. 8th School Curriculum, with a two-day workshop for the children, involving the trail on day 1 and a skit presentation by the children on day 2 based on the trail.
  • 3. Natural Heritage – Nature Walks and Workshops:
  •   Tree Walk: (
    • A walk in the University of Pune Campus or Empress Gardento get to know indigenous and alien varieties of trees walking through green avenues, with an expert Botanist as a guide.
  •   Devrai Trails (Sacred Groves): (
    • Scenic trails through the Devrais (sacred groves) in the City. A peaceful hike and jungle walk in the protected Devrais known for their astounding variety of flora and fauna. Soak in the landscapes and views of surrounding forts and dams.
  •   Nature Scapes: (
    • Capturing the essence of nature on paper through thisworkshop with renowed City-based artists.

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