Heritage Walks:

Core Pune City – KasbaPeth Walk:

This is a walk through the by-lanes of KasbaPeth, the core City. The walk takes one through old Wadas, Crafts Precincts and Public and Religious Buildings, including the TambatAali, KasbaGanapatiMandir, and the Pune’s own iconic Shaniwar Wada.

Heritage Walk from Shaniwar Wada to Vishrambaug Wada:

A walk through the market and craft precints (copper and bamboo) of Pune including the Mahatma Phule Mandai Precinct, the Tulshibaug Ram Mandir Complex and the Vishrambaug Wada.

Heritage Walk from Shaniwar Wada to Somwar Peth:

A walk through the different communities of KasbaPeth through SomwarPeth, lined with various religious structures belonging to various cultures. The stretch from TrishundyaGanapati to famous Nageshwar temple is dotted with number of shrines making it a truly religious precinct of Pune. The walk also includes churches and dargahs.

Pune Cantonment Walk:

Culturally always different, the Cantonment had a completely cosmopolitan population in contrast to the older part of the City. The “Camp” was and is a melting pot of cultures teaching everyone to live together amicably. This trail takes one through Churches, Markets, Offices and the likes.

Other Features Walks and Workshops:

  • Food trails through the Old City and the Cantoment precints.
  • Heritage Walks and Workshops for kids.
  • Customized Activities for Schools.

Theme Based Walks:

Pune - the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the queen of the deccan, the oxford of the east – boasts a rich heritage. It has a lot to offer – the tekdis, the river, the architecture, the food, the old markets, talims and crafts and cultural heritage.
To know more about theme based heritage walks and to customize one write to warsaaheritage@gmail.com or call 9822055118.

Crafts Workshops:

Tambat Craft Workshop (Coppercraft):

A four hundred year old craft know for its unique ‘mathar-kaam’, the Tambat craft requires a lot of skill and hard work. Traditionally copper objects were used as kitchen utensils, drinking water and grain storages, water heaters and prayer objects. This workshop lets one try their hand at this age old craft under the guidance of master craftsmen from the City.

Burud Craft Workshop (Bamboo craft):

The Burud community, traditional basket and mat weavers are recognized by their traditional occupation of Bamboo Craft. This workshop teaches the craft teqniques like weaving, under the guidance of a traditional craftsman from the City.

Kumbhar Craft Workshop (Terracotta):

The Kumbhar community is known for making clay pots, water containers, milk containers, festive pots and lamps. Spin the wheel and make your own little pot out of natural clay and learn the art of moulding from a traditional potter.

Warsaa Khann Workshop:

Traditionally an integral part of daily wear for women from Maharashtra and Karnataka, the Khann is a hand woven fabric made from csotton and silk. The material was used to make cholis, blouses and skirts for girls. Intricate weaving patterns with contrasting geometric borders form the identity of the material. The workshop which will introduce you to the history of this traditional material and allows one to play around with the possible contemporary uses of the material.

Customize a Workshop:

Maharashtra has an array of craftsto offer from cards and games to jewellery, leather works, tribal crafts and many more. To know more and customize a workshop write to warsaaheritage@gmail.com or call 9822055118.