Concept in Brief



·       Each team will consist of 3-4 members. No age limits. However, the driver must pose valid driving license.

 ·     The main objective of the game is to search maximum heritage locations using clues provided in optimum time.

·       This year’s concept is based on Rummy Card Game.

·       There will be total 13 locations + 2 Bonus locations.

·       At every location team will get one card, the value and color (spade, heart, club, diamond) will be decided by predefined algorithm such that card value and color for a location will keep changing

·       Team needs to arrange the cards they get in sequence just like in Rummy Game.

·       We will be playing 13 cards rummy; hence team needs to collect min 13 cards and arrange them.

·       No of cards in sequence will have +ve points and those not in sequence will have -ve points.

·       Team also needs to visit min 7 locations before finishing the game.

·       Apart from 13 locations there will be 2 bonus locations. At one of these team will earn chance to get Joker card which they can use in forming sequence. And at another team will have option of gaining a card of their choice by performing certain task.

·       All the members of the team will need to travel together throughout the course of event.

·       More details, rules about the concept will be explained and doubts will be cleared at pre-event meeting on Saturday 6th January 2017. The overall concept and rules will be explained to the teams during the pre-event meeting.

·       Final points will be calculated based on locations searched + time + cards in sequence etc.

·       Organizer’s decision will be final.

·       Organizers have right change, update or remove any of the rules mentioned above without prior intimation to the participating teams.

There will be a pre-event meeting which will be held on 6th January Saturday 5:00 PM at Darode School, BMCC Rd, Next to Jain Hostel, next to Darode sabhagruha. It is mandatory that at least one member of team attends the meeting as all the details and doubts regarding the concept will be explained during the meeting. Team failing to appear for the meeting might not be considered for participation.

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