Discover Pune


What  Is Discover Pune?

Probably one of the most creative and innovative project conceived by Intach and Rotaract Club of Pune Shaniwarwada and. Nicknamed as DP, Discover Pune is one unique, mind boggling race event that sets the pulse racing and the adrenalin pumping. The concept is as simple as scanning the city with the help of a few guidelines provided by the organizers and completing the objectives stated in the course of the race. This race has had made people question their knowledge about a city, that they have been staying in for years together. This race not only brings in shear excitement, but also brings the participants that much closer to the cities glorious past and the emerging future. The increase in number of participants every year makes a statement all by itself.

Why Discover Pune?

  • Do we know that pune has more than 100 maruti temples?
  • Do we know which peshwa apart from Bajiro has roads named after them?
  • Do we know Nageshwar Mandir in Somwar peth is more than 700 yrs old?

In today's high profile and self centric busy world we are forgetting our city’s history, culture and heritage, though we do have an idea about which are the happening places in city Or where is new mall just opened. We know every single coffee or fast food outlet but hardly know anything about Shaniwarwada, parvati or Kelkar Museum. Forget about the places we do not even know name of roads or   squares.
We all including us are to be blamed for this.
Discover Pune is a small attempt to spread awareness about this culturally and historically rich city called "Pune". We do not intend to give all a lesson of history but just make today's youth aware about the rich culture and heritage that pune possesses by means of an interesting game so that we have fun, excitement and awareness go hand in hand.

Facts and Figures
  • Discover Pune has been successfully carried out for the last 12 years. We are proud to announce 13th Discover Pune
  • It is an annual event and is generally scheduled in January
  • More than 60 teams with around 300 participants participated last year.
  • We have covered more than 140 locations till today.
  • INTACH(Indian National Trust for Art Culture and Heritage) and Rotaract Club of Shaniwarwada jointly organize this event.
  • Discover Pune is only of its kind event in the city.